Tigers on the Dance Floor

Well, it’s been quite a busy year for us and we’re so happy to say that we’ll be releasing our fifth album, Tigers on the Dance Floor, on Nov 18!

We can’t thank our fans enough. They have patiently helped us get this album recorded. They inspired us to stay strong, keep writing, re-write, have late nights in the studio, and keep doing this music thing.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!



♥My My My♥


Custom Songs for Fans

Soooo, back when we had our Kickstarter campaign going, we decided to have a reward where we’d write a 30-second song for a certain dollar amount contributed. We honestly weren’t expecting many of these but were blown away by the number of supporters that we had in this category.

We recently reached out to the people who won that reward and asked what they’d like their songs to be about. Here’s what they came back with:

  • Snickerdoodles (based on an inside joke about how her fiance’s freckles were snickerdoodle crumbs)
  • Secret handshake (inside joke with My My My about how our secret handshake is actually just a regular handshake)
  • Labradoodles
  • A cover of something that inspires us or a Xmas carol
  • Their newborn daughter
  • His wife
  • The Cleveland Browns (a pregame song)
  • A theme song for a cartoon he’s creating/animating about a robot named Fix who bumbles through the galaxy, trying to better it
  • Pinball

We felt like an improvisor who’s given the most inspirational suggestion to run with. And that we did.

Shout Outs

Special shout outs for some amazing fans! These people are helping us keep the dream alive:

Nick Dl

Pamela VanderMeer

Nicolas Lama

Nathan Barnhart

Susan Plattner

Peter Colvin

Amber Soy

Donna Clapp

Beth Wolf



Kerry Bennett

Debby Pascal

Barbara Shepherd

Theodore Fetter

Sydney Mathis

Kevin Dietz

Eric Tom

Brian Barbier

Ben Bartolone

Kevin Alcox

Christina Bushman

Tyler Clapp

Aileen McGroddy

Elizabeth Fiting

Jason Creech

Lacey Rae Whittaker

Michelle Novak

Brian Benway

Kenneth Douros



About 11 or 12 years ago, I used to work at a sketch comedy theater back in Newport, KY (which is just across the river from Cincinnati). There, I met so many fantastic friends who I’m happy to say have stuck with me through the years. It was that theater experience that helped me realize what I’m capable of and will never forget it.

One of the friends that I met is Lacey. She’s hilarious and has always been one of the best fans that My My My is lucky to have. In fact, last year, she drove from North Carolina, where she now lives, to Cincinnati to see us perform live.

As if that’s not enough, Lacey generously contributed to our Kickstarter campaign, so we can continue to make music. Her contribution got her her very own 30-second song. Her suggestion: Labradoodles! Yes, labradoodles. In case you don’t know, a labradoodle is a breed of poodle and labrador. Lacey’s been known to work with NC Labradoodles, one of the finest breeders of these cute pups. (You should like their Facebook page so you can keep up with all of the cute puppy pics they post, like the one above.)

And so, friends, My My My presents to you “Labradoodles,” for Lacey!


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking — it has been a long time since we’ve blogged. There is good reason for the lapse in time:  Time warp. Yup, one minute it’s February and the next thing you know it’s almost May. Maybe hibernating is a better explanation though…

In all seriousness, we have been busy writing new material. We’re excited to debut it very soon. We’ve even got some tracks recorded for a new song!

We’ve also been working on organizing our Kickstarter initiatives and are working on the community service hours that we pledged for reaching our Kickstarter goal. So far, we’ve put in a good number of community service hours planning Kittypalooza, which is a benefit concert for Tree House Humane Society. Tree House is the shelter where I adopted my kitty, Betsy Meowington, last year. This shelter helps so many cats. While the kitties are at the shelter, they are [mostly] cage-free and get to roam about to show off their personalities. The shelter provides great support to adopters for the duration of the pet’s life, too. I was so impressed with them that I vowed to help them out this year, so we’re really excited to help raise some funds to help them humanely help more cats.

The other organization that we’re excited to be working with is The Trevor Project. This organization helps prevent suicide in LGBTQ youth.  I’m in the early phases of helping them develop some online training but I met with them a few months ago and was very impressed with the organization and they people that I’ve been in contact with thus far. More details about that will be out soon.

So that’s what has been going on, in a nutshell. We’re excited to get back onstage and play our new material soon!

Starting to Change Video

Picture this: You are waiting in line for a water slide. Ugh. This line is taking forever. But there’s a way for you to entertain yourself! Watch My My My’s latest music video on your new fancy Smartphone! It’ll fill 4 minutes and 12 seconds of that wait time and will impress everyone around you!

Starting to Change: http://youtu.be/PxfSAjstfeI

Oh, and a little advice: you probably shouldn’t carry your new fancy Smartphone on that water slide.

Fancy Cougar: At It Again



So, we recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. Why? Because every other band is doing it and we consider ourselves to be lemmings that do everything that other bands are doing. (Note: if we were lemmings, we would definitely bedazzle ourselves to make ourselves stand out.)

Oh wait, the actual reason that we launched our Kickstarter was to help us fund future recording. And lots of hard work went into the launch. First, we had to come up with incentives. Personally, I think we’ve got some great ones up there. In addition to the incentives listed on Kickstarter, we’re also going to pledge one hour of community service for every $100 that accumulates toward our goal. We’re especially interested in helping LGBT groups, at-risk teens, and animal shelters. We’re definitely open to suggestions for places to help though. Leave some comments if you have a cause or organization that you’re passionate toward helping.

Second, we had to make a video, which involved lots of time and laughing. To view said video, click on it above. If time gets back on my side, some of the outtakes will be posted, too.

If you’d like to pledge to our Kickstarter, it’s running until Feb 6, 2013. We greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide, including sharing our cause with your friends!



I’d like to take the opportunity to list some of my favorite things of 2012. Before I begin, a disclaimer must be disclaimed: Some of these items were not released this year, but were discovered by me this year. Because I’m a lot like Christopher Columbus, I’m going to say that because I found them this year, they are from 2012.

Without further adieu, I give you my List-O-2012:

Fav Songs:

Hot Knife by Fiona Apple

That Wasn’t Me by Brandi Carlile

Starting to Change by My My My (yeah, I said it!)

Music Discovery:

Heartbeats by The Knife

Fav Old Song That Resurfaced Into My Life:

Nasty by Janet Jackson

Fav Show:

Breaking Bad (OMG, it’s too good to exist)

Fav Netflix Show:

Psych (it’s like Scrubs meshed with Friends and they live in a crime show)

Fav Documentary:

Forks Over Knives (granted, I didn’t see too many documentaries this year, but this one is eye-opening)


Hawaii! Seriously, why am I in Chicago and not Hawaii right now? (No offense, Chicago, but Hawaii is always nice and has a fraction of the murders…)

Favorite Concert Attended:

Brandi Carlile (Chicago Theater)

Favorite My My My Show:

All of them, but Summerfest was pretty unbelievable

Restaurant Discovery:

Chicago Diner (All vegan and all tasty? Whaaaaaat?)


Sitting on a balcony in Hawaii and watching the ocean in the morning

Stand-up paddle boarding on Lake Michigan with my niece

Things I Never Thought I Would Do:

Join Twitter 

Say the phrase “Did you see my tweet?”

Least Favorite Things Ever:

Katy Perry (seriously, why, why, why?) and most of Western Ave. in Chicago

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The Story of Rick



A lot of people who have seen our video for “Hard Kisses” ask, “What’s the deal with Rick? Is he real???” 

Well, friends, I have answers for you. You’ll probably want to grab a pen and paper. Or perhaps just a pen and then you can write notes on your arm. I’ll leave those details up to you.

Are you back? Okay. Here’s the deal: Rick is my imaginary cat. For real. He started as an inside joke with a friend because I love cats but can’t have one. She said she was going to get me a kitten. A lot of witty banter went back and forth, and at the end, well, I had myself an imaginary kitten named Rick.

Rick has been my imaginary companion for just over a year. He is quite playful when I need him to be, he’s cuddly when needed, and can also make a mean quiche. (When you have an imaginary pet, you’ll understand…)

When I was illustrating the video for “Hard Kisses,” I was stumped as to what to do for the instrumental. That’s when Rick came and sat on my keyboard. Oh how we laughed. And that’s when I decided that he would be immortalized on the interwebs! 

His illustration doesn’t quite do him justice, as I don’t have a steady hand for drawing. Plus, he wouldn’t sit still for his portrait. (Kept bathing, chasing his tail, and reading Edgar Allen Poe.)

So there you have it; the story of Rick! I hope he’s captured your heart as he has captured mine.


Sarah Snow